iPad / Tablet

St John's College Nottingham is developing three exciting new resources: Rich interactive multimedia timelines under the titles Faith and Modernity, New Testament Christian Origins (in partnership with the Bible Society) and Old Testament (Initial Prototype available)

The iPad versions of the timelines are in development starting with an iPad version of Faith and Modernity. This version is also accessible using a standard computer. The first version release will be available from the login page, using a password.



Go to settings and select Safari and make sure that the 'Always Show Bookmarks Bar' is set to 'off'.

Please use the timeline with the iPad oriented in landscape.

Slide your finger along the timeline and select an event with a simple touch. Or if you are using a computer please click and hold on the timeline and drag it along to navigate left and right. While clicking as normal to navigate. The buttons at the bottom of the timeline allow quick navigation to new centuries or to the movements or themes page.


Once an event is selected, a new page appears similar to the one above. The back button can be seen at the top left and big play buttons for each of the videos on the page.


 Once the video is selected the buttons drop down and show a similar screen to above. If you tap on the main box and select an icon that looks like will open the video in fullscreen on your device. This will then run with your normal video player on your device and can be closed as normal. It may however need to be started playing depnding on the device.

Please note that only the highlighted pages have video content behind them, as videos are still in production for the remaining areas.